пятница, 18 февраля 2011 г.

Too late ..

On this week I received some wonderful postcards, which I would like to show you =)
1. Private Swap . Australia Thank you , Naomi (ticker ), for wonderful maximumcards and FDC ! Very beautiful!

2. Another wishlist tag.Finland Thank you, Liiolii, for funny Grannies and for unusual stamps =)

3. New request Tag Finland Thank you, Pikkis, for very sophisticated Kimmo Palikko postcard

4. Bird Tag USA Thank you , aone404, for postcard with very beautiful and proud hawk and for colorful stamps =)

5. USA to other countries. Thank you, mikeyz1, for Illinois map postcard and for wonderful stamps =) This postcard have spent many days in post office I think, because the cancellation of my city is dated by 30.01.11 And I took it from my mailbox only at 17.01. =(

 6. Official postcard from Finland. Thank you for so colorful card =) FI-1010741

And yes, we had very sunny day, that` s why all on all images you can see the sunny stripe =)

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