суббота, 5 февраля 2011 г.

Cockatoos in garden

Hello =)
Snow and cold behind the window, and my cheeks are still red after afternoon walk, and what I am reading on of postcard from Sam (Australia) which I have received today that cockatoos in her garden eating apricots... I think postcarossing is wonderful project, which help to imagine how our world is big and different - here is snow and there are cockatoos =) Thank you, Sam, for wonderful maximum postcards -  very cute, and also thanks for such great news, hope it were white cokatoos =)
1. Private swap. Thank you, Sam =)

 2. Wishlist RR Thank you, Lotty (Belgium/Netherlands), for maximum card from PC meeting =)

3. Favourites Tag. Thank you, Tiffie(Netherlands), for two very beautiful postcards and for beautiful envelope with interesting stamps =)

4. Australia x Other world RR. Thank you, jschwab, for postcard frim my favs =)

5. Australia x Other world RR Thank you, menyanthes, for beautiful postcard with so many cute stamps and also thanks for good wishes ;)

That is all for today. Hmm..now i have new dream - white cockatoo =)

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  1. Hello from Portugal. I like your blog. Visit mine and send me postcards from your country.