четверг, 23 декабря 2010 г.

среда, 22 декабря 2010 г.

I want find such postcards in my mail everyday =)

I received my first tag-postcard with Christmas theme! Wonderful! I like it! thank you Linzerin!

The Second
I received official postcard from Poland! PL-148424 Thank you, Martusss!

Another  official postcard from Germany!DE-771226. So wonderful! With calendar ! And with very warm message! Thank you, Marlis!

 In the fourth. I received two postcards from Germany by direct swap from Cat-lover (big thanks). I dream about this postcards of Lisi Martin. I want  collect them all.

And the last , but not the least. Also one postcard by direct swap from USA. This is wonderful postcard with Santa and 3 puppies. Thank you, Pat!

 Thank you everybody! Today I have sent 5 postcards, hope it will reach their  addresses very soon!
Merry Christmas =)

вторник, 21 декабря 2010 г.

Lovely teddy bear

Thank you, Henny


DE-584597  Germany

Thank you, Tobias

The second postcard

 Thank you, Lianne

My first postcard, one i received through web-site postcrossing

US-680255 from USA
Thank you, John!
This postcard has very interesting story. Two years ago I was in USA. There I have been visiting Portland Head Light, Cape Elizabeth, which  produced  an indelible  impression on me, also i bought postcard with this lighthouse. And then after a year i found my first official postcrossing  postcard  with this scenery, which one  practically  identical with my card. I think it is fantastic.

First message =)

Hi! Nice to meet you here !
It was very spontaneous decision to make my own blog. But tram-pam-pam ... this is it. So now a little anonce what you can find here. First of all, i am going to share with you images of postcards and stamps, which i will receive. Postcrossing became my hobby 8 months ago. For these moment  i have a lot of wonderful postcards, and i will be happy to share my impressions with you. Maybe later i will add some more themes for this blog, like labrador, programming, travelling and some other of my interests, but definetly it will be later. Thank you for visiting my blog and for attention.
Wish you happy holidays!
See you later
Keep smiling, Olya