понедельник, 31 января 2011 г.

Waiting for spring..

 I need one more album =)
1. Wonderful postcard from St.Petersburg meeting, Thank you, Marylend, Synnin & Craig, Olyk, Elyara, Comoli, Filipp, Vergi, Valeria, Tu-zi, Startinka, Irish-kirsche, Salaveika, Evushka, Dashaxrus, Igrik, Muravey

 2. Private Swap. Thank you, cat -lover. Amazing Lisi martin postcard and unusual for Germany stamps.

3. Private swap. Thank you, Sam, for very cute owl !
4. Wishlist RR #8 Thank you Charmaine for my favourite labradors and for interesting stamps.

5. Wishlist RR #8Thank you, TheGreenOne, for Maine Map and for unsual wonderful stamps =)

6. Christmas RR #137 Thank you, Lotty =)
7. Wishlist Tag, thank you, Minna, for wonderful postcards and many beautiful stamps =)

8. Official. EE-89463 Amazing postcard with porcelain doll and stamp on envelope are wonderful too. Thank you, anneli 65 =)

9. Official NL-521651 thank you,Agne =)
10. Official US-954215 Thank you, Emma =)

11. Show the card you offer Thank you, Eule! =)

12. You can choose tag Thank you, Pihlakas, for beautiful postcard with wonderful stamps =)

13. Christmas Tag Thank you, rrooss =)

14. Australia/New Zealand - other world. thank you, misterteapot!

Thank you, Sari!

This postcards were a great surprise for me from Sari. Thank you very much. I am so happy that I can put this amazing cards in my album =)