четверг, 10 марта 2011 г.

No the line on the horizon

Postcards are so different. When you see one, you  wants to add it in your collection immediately or absolutely happy that you received it. And exist some another postcards, which do not makes you smile in first moment, and only when   you look it more closely, keeping it in hands some time, you understand how this card is wonderful! I like such 'smart' postcards, which push you to thinking, may be even dreaming or learning something new useful (or unuseful :) ). This fact makes my hobby - postcrossing - more serious for me, it is not just collecting cards and stamps. See the world, find out something new, conversation, meet new different ordinary or not ordinary people... I have a lyric mood now=) . Too long discourse. And now new postcards =) Let`s start =)
p.s. excuse me for  my mistakes, please =)
1. Tag. Thank you, Farfalla
2. RR Thank you, Calinnero!
3. Tag  Thanks for intersting postcard!

4. RR Thank you, hootnoodle!
5. Tag  Thnaks for new maximumcard to my collection =)
6. Tag Thanks for original postcard and wonderful stamps!
7.Private swap. Thank you, cat-lover! =)
8. Official card from Germany Thanks!
9. Official card from Japan Thanks! And many thanks for wonderful stamps!
10. Official card from Netherlands Thanks for very beautiful postcard!
11. Official card from Netherlands Thanks!
12. Official card from  USA Thanks! And special thanks for many wonderful stamps =)
13. Official card from USA Thanks for beautiful postcard!

суббота, 5 марта 2011 г.

Catch cold..

Some new postcards =) Take a look!
1.RR Australia x Wolrd Thank you, Taavi , for wonderful postcard =)

2. Private Swap Thank you, Elena. Спасибо =)

3."Send me a card from my album of favourites" tag Thank you, mingshu, for wonderful postcard and many stamps !

4.Kaj Stenvall - one of your wishes tag - Read the First Post Thank you, tokig!

5."Send me a card from my album of favourites" tag  Thank you , tokig, again! =)

6.Official postcard DE-828391 Thanks!

7. RR New Reopened Many Thems Thank you, miceu !

8.I would like a stamp of .... on my card tag Thank you, audiopineapple!

9. "What I really would like to have is ..."tag Thank you, peregrina. Спасибо =)

10. 10 Wishes in an envelope tag: READ first post Thank you, coralfish

11. Official Thank you =)