понедельник, 24 января 2011 г.

Again snowfall

I recieved wonderful postcards today, but our  local postoffice is really tired  bring  me my mail. I have already told about maximumcard without stamp, Today my postcards are really damaged, like they went through dustbin. It is really sad =( And I am going to  make another complaint to our main postoffice about this disgrace!
My  poor postcards:

1. Wishlist RR Thank you, Paraiha, for postcard from my favourites. And thanks for very cute stamp.

2. I want..Tag Thank you, Grase800, for beautiful postcard with amazing stamps. Спасибо, Ирина!

The adult Red-breasted Merganser is 51–62 cm (20–24 in) long with a 70–86 cm (28–34 in) wingspan. It has a spiky crest and long thin red bill with serrated edges. The male has a dark head with a green sheen, a white neck with a rusty breast, a black back and white underparts. Adult females have a rusty head and a greyish body. The juvenile is like the female, but lacks the white collar and has a smaller white wing patch.
3. Another you choose tag. Thank you, adriennegarry, for my first and really wonderful postcard from New Zealand, And thanks for unusual stamp )

Te Wāhipounamu (Māori for "the place of greenstone") is a World Heritage site in the south west corner of the South Island of New Zealand.  Inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1990 and covering 26,000 km², the site incorporates several National Parks: Aoraki/Mt Cook, Fiordland, Mt Aspiring, Westland. It is thought to contain some of the best modern representations of the original flora and fauna present in Gondwanaland, one of the reasons for listing as a World Heritage site.

4. Wishlist Tag. Thank you, Mavkaa, for amazing maximumcard with many beautiful staps! Спасибо, Катя =)

5. Official postcard from China CN-301486. Thanks for beautiful postcard and very interesting stamps.

6. you choose 3 from offer tag Thank you, Linzerin, for 3 amazing postcards!

Thank you everybody, I love my postcards =)

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