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First Saratov meeting (29.01.2011)

I am going to tell you about our first Saratov meeting (29.01.2011)  It was wonderful day, which I were spending with my like-minded persons -postcrossers. Annelle,   Diana-saratov, Larkie, Nalimalim, Nitanija, and Sunny_tima/Belkozavr thank you very much, girls, for such a friendly atmosphere. We met at 12 o`clock on main street of our city- Moskovskaya str.Then we have visited the shop" Raduga", where everybody have bought a lot wonderful postcards. Rest of the time we have spent in very cozy cafe. Lastly we have visited our main post office, where we  unanimously   sent     postcards. 
Photo by Olga (Sunny_tima/Belkozavr) Thank you)
I (Bellflower/Olga_K) and Larkie
    Diana-saratov,  I (Bellflower/Olga_K),  Larkie,  Nitanija,  Annelle

 Diana-saratov,  Nitanija, I (Bellflower/Olga_K), Sunny_tima/Belkozavr, Nalimalim, Annelle, Larkie, Nitanija
I hope our meetings will be regular =) 

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