четверг, 13 января 2011 г.

Today I have  a wonderful day. First of all I  arranged  P.O.Box =) In addition in my mailbox I found many different interesting postcards! I like such days)
1. Choose tag This  wonderful postcard  had very long and difficult journey, there are many different stamps. Thank you, Thuesday)
2. Another wishlist tag Beautiful postcard with "Santa Marta" lighthouse and wonderful stamp. Thank you, Isacle!

3. Christmas Tag This is my first 3d postcard, very beautiful! Thank you, BlackCat!

4. Official postcard US-931623 I like this postcard. Also there are wonderful stamps on an envelope. Thank you, Charlette!

5. Christmas Tag Beautiful folded postcard and amazing christmas stamp on envelope. Thank you, Veerle =)

6. Private Swap This beautiful postcard with nice stamp is from Australia. Thank you, Dena!

7. Official postcard from, USA(US-890489) Travel time: 72 days =)  Thank you,Sue!

8. Scandinavia vs. World Tag. Thank you, Stina for this beautiful and very big postcard with interesting message and nice stamp =)

9.Children`s book illustration tag. Thanks you, Vanialee for wonderful postcard with amazing stamp and funny stickers=)

10. 5 mix cards in envelope I received 5 wonderful postcards from Turkey! All of them are from my wishlist) Big thanks, Akmeya!

Happy Postcarossing :)

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