среда, 22 декабря 2010 г.

I want find such postcards in my mail everyday =)

I received my first tag-postcard with Christmas theme! Wonderful! I like it! thank you Linzerin!

The Second
I received official postcard from Poland! PL-148424 Thank you, Martusss!

Another  official postcard from Germany!DE-771226. So wonderful! With calendar ! And with very warm message! Thank you, Marlis!

 In the fourth. I received two postcards from Germany by direct swap from Cat-lover (big thanks). I dream about this postcards of Lisi Martin. I want  collect them all.

And the last , but not the least. Also one postcard by direct swap from USA. This is wonderful postcard with Santa and 3 puppies. Thank you, Pat!

 Thank you everybody! Today I have sent 5 postcards, hope it will reach their  addresses very soon!
Merry Christmas =)

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