суббота, 12 февраля 2011 г.


Today   is a very cold weather (-18 C)   . But I had to go to the University, after i visited  our main post office and checked my P.O. Box - there  many wonderful surprises waited me =) You can find it below.

1. Japan- world Tag  Thank you, Nobue !

2. Many different tags and private swap. Big thanks, opitz-97

3. Netherland - world. Thank you sonjasunflower!

4. Finland RR Thank you seropi!

5. Wishlist RR, thank you, Charmaine!

6. another wishlist tag Thank you Farfalla!

7. Send me a card from my favs tag Thank you, Kally!

8. Will you send me Спасибо, skliu!

9. Fast Favs Tag Thank you, hyljе!

10. Official postcard from Ukraine UA-71361 Thanks !

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