понедельник, 21 февраля 2011 г.

To be happy we should enjoy routine life and remember all little happy moments ..

I like  to  share with you my wonderful postcards, which always make  my day more happy =)
1. 2 favs in envelope. Wonderful postcards and stamp from UK. Thank you ,AnnieMN

2. RR New Reopened Many Thems from Hong Kong. Thank you, lydiaxu
3. Send me a card from my favs Tag Thank you, Eellaa for wonderful postcard and stamps from Estonia

4. Another wishlist Tag Thank you, tashilia , for wonderful maximumcard from Ukraine and stamp!

 5. Send me a card from my favs . Thank you,adriennegarry , for wonderful postcard from New Zealand.

6. Send me a card from my favs Tag Thank you, Mindee, for funny grannies =)

7. RR Card with Thematic Stamps - Art Thank you, sabine22, for amazing postcard and stamps from Germany =)

8. Thank you card from Ukraine.thank you, Ketto, for wonderful maximumcard and stamps. Спасибо, Полина!

9. Private Swap. Thank you, Peter

10. Official first wonderful postcard from Egypt. Thanks =) EG-1721

11. Private Swap. Thank you, Sam, for wonderful maximumcard =)
12.Official postcard from Taiwan, Thanks =) TW-254771

13. Official postcard from USA, Thanks =)  US-976528

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