воскресенье, 11 сентября 2011 г.

After 6 months of silence

I come back!

To be honest, I have not been going to continue this blog. But when I have saw that people still visit this page, I changed my mind.
It was long 6 months with many different events, some of them were nice and some no. I graduated from my first University, but i  have another one) Now I am trying to find interesting job, which will lead me to my dreams. It is a hardest task, as it turned out. Also I am thinking about changing living place. But it is still just  my dreams, thoughts.
I made a little pause in my hobby too. No, I did not stop it absolutely, just was not so active as before. Of course, I received many wonderful postcards. May be if i will have some spare time and aspiration, I will post here the most interesting of them here. But it will be later..
Thank you for everybody who read my blog. This is very unexpected and pleasant :)
Below some latest  postcards.
Thank you  every person who have sent it to me!

See you

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